Andrew Small

Andrew small

Andrew Small
Unknown, 11 years older than his second wife.
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Andrew Small is Brendon’s estranged father, a lawyer. He is 11 years older than his second wife, Linda (the two marry in "The Wedding", the season two finale). He and Brendon are re-acquainted in Season Two in "Dad", and an initially awkward relationship ultimately shows them as very close and loving, despite the tension caused by Andrew's fiancee Linda, which the trio try to deal with through 'gentle talk' in "Therapy". Coach McGuirk, after being excluded from Andrew and Brendon's pizza club, lashes out at Andrew and competes with him for Brendon's affections in "Pizza Club". However, he seems to disappear from Brendon's life and was not present for the birth of his child by his second wife Linda in the third season finale "Coffins and Cradles", because he was on a business trip resulting in Linda staying with Paula during the final days of her pregnancy. Despite being featured in four episodes in the second season, he appears only once in the third season ("My Cheatin' Heart") and is not in any season four episodes.