Class Trip

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March 3, 2002

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Brendon's class goes on a field trip to a hotel, but Brendon, Jason and Melissa sneak out to shoot a movie.

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Brendon, Jason and Melissa are hoping to film their new movie at a five star hotel that their class is going to for their field trip. They run into a problem when they realize Paula will be chaperoning, so they become extra cautious when they sneak away from the rest of the class upon arriving at the hotel. They get lucky that Paula and Mr. Lynch's attention get taken by Alyson, who is another student prone to sneak away. While filming one scene in a hotel room that they got the key for getting in, two guests arrive and they were forced to leave. Meanwhile, Coach McGuirk looks for a side job in order to pay the damages done to the principal's car after he threw a coffee maker out the teachers lounge window. McGuirk attempts to apply at a fast food restaurant, but his background check caused him to get turned down. McGuirk later gets a job at a space themed coffee shop called "Galaxy Coffee" next door to the hotel and lies that his name is "Brendon Small". The Brendon, Jason and Melissa run into the coffee shop while running out of the hotel and become surprised to see Coach McGuirk working there. The class starts to search for Brendon, Jason and Melissa and finds them at the coffee shop, leading to McGuirk's lie getting revealed. Coach McGuirk gets fired from the job and everyone goes home.



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  • When Coach McGuirk is being electrocuted while trying (and failing) to fix the coffee machine in the teacher's lounge you can see the Metal Plate in his head as well as what appears to be a replacement joint in his left Shoulder.

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This episode was released on the season two DVD set on May 31, 2005.