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Fenton mully

Fenton Mulley
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Fenton Mulley is a spoiled, annoying classmate with the tendency to call Brendon "Bren-Bren," and ask to be in one of his "video-films." His personality changes dramatically after McGuirk scolds Fenton for his poor treatment of his mother at his 8th birthday party, and in later episodes is seen as oddly obedient and clingy to her. Brendon once stayed at Fenton's house for the weekend in "Shore Leave"; the experience was extremely torturous and Brendon at one point feared for his own life and filmed himself hiding in the closet à la Blair Witch. Then Brendon went to the bathroom and accidentally filmed Fenton's mother getting out of the shower,also shaving, which prompted Fenton to attack Brendon. McGuirk later gets his hand on the copy of the videotape and calls to register a domain name,,and only to find it is taken. Fenton deeply disdains Brendon's movies, and enjoys berating him with film theory criticisms, although this has more to do with his jealousy of not being in them than the actual films themselves. In the episode 'Heart Smashers', Brendon 'breaks-up' with Fenton, with Fenton taking great offense and breaking-up with Brendon as well (only Jason realizing the parallels to Fenton and Brendon's spat to a couple breaking up.) Later in the episode, however, he 'gets back together' with Fenton, in the same couple-like manner, because he almost missed having the constant annoyance.

Trivia Edit

  • Fenton's gotten a little more popular since the incident with Brendon seeing his naked mom. 
  • Though Brendon was congratulated for seeing a naked woman (Fenton's mother) during his sleepover with Fenton, Melissa doesn't understand how good it is, since that was Fenton's mom and what he saw was a naked middle-aged woman.