Focus Grill

Focus Grill

April 4, 2004

Focus Grill is the last episode to be released in the series "Home Movies" it focuses on the trio trying to make an ending for their first movie, about a biker gang of sorts. in this episode, the series ends with Brendon Small dropping his camera, resulting in it breaking, thus, ending the series once and for all.

Synopsis Edit

When Brendon finds an old movie without an ending, he and his friends decide to wrap up the unfinished movie, but when they fight over an ending, the 3 part ways to make their own ending.

Plot  Edit

The episode starts with Brendon showing his classmates his latest film, but the classmates disapprove his movie, leaving a sad trio. While finding the flaw in the movie, they come across an abandoned film of theirs, so they go and make a 2nd half, and after the 3 came up with their own endings, the get criticized by the classmates. They then agree that their movies are made only for them to enjoy, and no one else should approve of them. Meanwhile, the Coach helps Paula set up a grill, ableit without much success, after "setting it up", he invites Paula and the 3 kids to see it in action. The grill ignites, but makes an explosion of soot, so Paula takes the kids to eat somewhere, while Brendon is filming, he drops his camera by accident, where it gets crushed by a car. Tears form up in his eyes, but after hearing a conversation about which restaurant to go to, he gets distracted, and forgets about the crushed camera. Later, the group talks about tapas, a Mexican food, and Brendon's camera films an empty road before breaking completely, thus ending the episode, And the series.



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References, Notes & TriviaEdit

  • This is the Last episode of Home Movies.
  • After the series ended, Loren Bouchard went on to create "Lucy the Daughter of the Devil" for Adult Swim and later, he went to create "Bob's Burgers" (2011-present) for Fox. Brendon Small went on to create "Metalocalypse" (2006-2012) for Adult Swim.

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Temporary Blindness

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This episode was released on the season four DVD set on May 16, 2006.

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