Law and Boarder

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October 7, 2001

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Brendon gets hit by a car and might get punished for it. Paula's friend Stephanie makes things worse when she is in town.

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While Brendon was riding his bike in the rain, he gets hit by a car and gets heavily injured. Meanwhile, Stephanie, a woman that Paula knew back in college comes for a visit as she's having problems with her marriage. Despite the harm ensued on Brendon, the person who hit Brendon with their car is suing him, saying that he was the cause of the accident. Paula then asks Stephanie to take Brendon to court, however, Stephanie gets into an argument with her husband, in which forces Coach McGuirk to take Brendon to court and he represents the boy, but his mediocre legal tactics leads the judge to order both Brendon and Coach McGuirk to write an essay about road safety. Stephanie proved to be a bad house guest and came home drunk one night with a man she met while she was out. Brendon decides that he will make a movie, but demonizes the drivers and expresses his anger at the judge for punishing him in such a way. The judge becomes insulted by Brendon's video and orders him to do community service and the Small family gets fined for the damages to the car that hit Brendon. Brendon tells the Judge that he learn nothing. Judge anger and tries to scold him; however, Brendon tells him that this conversation is over and he leaves much to the Judge's dismay. Paula later kicks Stephanie out of her house while Coach McGuirk gets arrested for not handing in his assignment just soon after his pet goldfish died.



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References, Notes & TriviaEdit

  • The episodes title is a reference to the Police Procedural and Legal Drama television series Law and Order.
  • The costumes from The Slapstick Barbarian Project is used on the season one DVD cover.
  • This is Stephanie's first appearance.

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This episode was released on the season one DVD set on November 16, 2004.