Wife of Andrew and step mother of Brendon.
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Linda is Brendon's step mother. After Paula and Andrew got divorced; Andrew started dating Linda, and they would later get married and have a baby together.

Her and Brendon do not get along very well. Linda threatens to throw rocks at a sleeping tiger to get it to come out of it's nest, ruining the zoo trip that Brendon and his father went on together. She later causes a fight over Brendon using her blue towel, which would later be parodied in one of Brendon's movies and the incident would again be made fun of when she goes for dinner at the Small family's house, when Brendon asks her if she was using his dinosaur glass.

In general, she seems to display a bad attitude, and Brendon got an extreme amount of stress over her marrying his father to the point that he broke out in a rash all over his body on the day of their wedding.

Though Brendon and Linda have a very poor relationship, she is still considered part of his family, and he was very excited for when she was pregnant because he wanted to meet his new half-brother.

Trivia Edit

  • She wears a nightie when she goes to bed.
  • Linda has the WORST kind of bad temper!
  • Linda is often volunteering, though it seems like she doesn't really believe in what she's doing, as she's often complaining about the volunteer work she does. For example, she refers to someone in a wheelchair as an "idiot" for accidentally running over her foot, and threatens to throw a rock at a tiger seconds after signing up to volunteer at the zoo.
  • Due to her bad attitude and actions on the show, as well as her jokes being a bit edgier than what's typical for the show, many fans of Home Movies dislike Linda.
  • After Coffins and Cradles, Linda stopped making appearances on the show.
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