Melissa Bardin Galsky (born January 17, 1972) is an American voice actress, writer, and producer for several

Melissa Bardin Galsky, 1999 being interviewed for the Home Movies Documentary.

animated sitcoms from the Soup2Nuts company. She was an associate producer and talent coordinator for Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist, but is best known for playing the role of Melissa Robbins on TV's Home Movies, which aired on both UPN and Cartoon Network. In addition she has voiced on two other Soup2Nuts-produced shows: O'Grady (which also stars Home Movies' Coach McGuirk H. Jon Benjamin) and, Hey Monie!. She played a title role of Lucy on Adult Swim series Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil from 2005-2007, replacing Jessi Klein from the pilot and appering along side H. Jon Benjamin. Accordingly, she chose to end her career in 2007. However in 2011, she voiced Nora Samuels in the seventh episode of season one of Bob's Burgers entitled Bed & Breakfast.