Melissa Robbins


Melissa Robbins
Actress, Soccer Player, Former Fairy Princess member
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Melissa Robbins - Age 8 (Voiced by Melissa Bardin Galsky), is a main character on Home Movies.

Background Edit

Melissa is Brendon’s friend and co-star, who is often more sensible than Brendon or Jason. However, when it comes to very personal issues (such as her mother's whereabouts, family history and boyfriends), she becomes very frantic and overly sensitive. Melissa is also the daughter of a single father, Erik. At the beginning of season three she is shown to be a tomboy, but throughout season four she appears much more feminine. Melissa suffers from allergic bronchoconstriction if she eats kiwi, and carries an EpiPen as such. She was also, at one point, aquaphobic, but she overcame the fear  when she rescued Coach McGuirk from drowning.

Trivia Edit

  • It is a law of movies, television and life that within any group of three people, one must be the voice of reason. Melissa definetely falls into that category. Smart and independent, Melissa is often the ones to actually think things through before jumping. Melissa's mother left at a young age, and this lack of a mother figure may have turned her into a tomboy. However, both Brendon and her father Erik may provide a strong female influence in her life. Like many females on the show, Melissa has no need for a nose.[1]
  • In the Bob's Burgers episode "The Hurt Soccer", a character named Mara is based off Melissa and is also voiced by Melissa Bardin Galsky.
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