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Mr. Lynch (real name Ronald Lynch, or just "Lynch" by faculty members) —is Brendon and Melissa’s teacher who, later in the show, also becomes their interim principal.


Mr. Lynch has been working as a teacher for approximately 18 years. He appears to be very reclusive and a bit drab, Coach McGuirk (and including the school's students such as Fenton and Shannon) would often take advantage of this and used him as a doormat much to Lynch's dismay. They butt heads multiple times in the series, but appear to have ended on good terms after Everybody's Entitled to My Opinion. While Brendon often makes fun of him as well, both characters have grown to have a somewhat familial relationship. Mr. Lynch also owns 5 cats named Anjelico, Fernilico, Muu-Muu, Señor Twigitsky, and Sanchi-San (who first appeared in Honkey Magoo), and is very obviously more of a "pet-person" rather than a "people-person", as he was also very affectionate towards Brendon's dog and was more than willing to help train him. A subtle, visual running gag in the last season is that he is secretly a cat-themed superhero, inspired from the previous season finale; this joke is usually relayed in the form of a newspaper headline in the background.

Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Lynch's appearance was moreso created by H. Jon Benjamin, who, while recording with Ron Lynch for I Don't Do Well in Parent-Teacher Conferences, improvised the idea of Lynch having a pencil-thin mustache and bowtie.
  • Brendon Small mentions in the Home Movies commentary, that he very much enjoys getting Ron Lynch to say ridiculous things as his character.
  • He the only notable male character to lack a nose.
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