My Cheatin' Heart

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October 20, 2002

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Brendon does golf by his father's request, but Brendon realizes he isn't very good at golf so he asks Coach McGuirk for help.

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Brendon's father Andrew signs Brendon up for golf lessons so he can play with his father in a golf game against another possible client and his son. Brendon later learns that he is terrible at playing golf. Brendon asks Coach McGuirk for some assistance and gets urged to cheat the game. With Coach McGuirk as his caddy. Brendon cheats throughout the game with his client, until Andrew reveals that Coach McGuirk has been cheating during the entire game and Brendon tells his father that he was cheating the game as well, though Andrew doesn't believe him until Coach McGuirk vouches for the boy. The client and his son leave disgusted and feeling disrespected. Meanwhile, Brendon tries to convince Jason and Melissa to produce their latest movie backwards as he believed that it's a new method used by many directors. They ended up making the film in such manner, but Jason and Melissa however hate it. Paula finally finishes up the I Spy game in a children's magazine she picked up at a pediatrician.



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References, Notes & TriviaEdit

  • The golf guy drinks "Black Hole Hard Lemonade", which is a parody of Mike's Hard Lemonade.
  • Brendon's script was going to be "The Affair", but crossed out "The" and added "An" and "To End With".
  • The movie posters that were behind Brendon were: Plump Fiction (parody of Pulp Fiction) and Reservoir Cats (parody of Reservoir Dogs).
  • The costume/prop corner from Breaking Up is Hard to Do is seen once again.
  • Jason's camouflage costume comes with a stash of candy bars.
  • Paula's trouble finding the foot comes from "Baby Fun-Time Quiz Book".
  • McGuirk's persona while caddying for Brendan, "Bagger McGuirk", is a reference to Will Smith's character in the film The Legend of Bagger Vance about a magical golf caddie.

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This episode was released on the season three DVD set on November 15, 2005.