Roth University

Roth University

First Appearance

Roth University is a university seen on Home Movies. This is where Paula Small teaches her creative writing class.

Background Edit

Roth University first appeared in the season one episode, "Method of Acting" where Paula begins teaching her creative writing class after a while of not teaching. Most of Paula's students don't have much experience in writing except for one student who raises his hand and says that he is a published poet. A student shows up late and Paula asks him questions, but he denies to introduce himself and says that he has no writing experience and Paula tells the rest of the class that when they show up late, she will ask them questions that they may or may not answer. Then one of Paula's students named Steven presents his assignment, which turns out to be an article from a newspaper. The same student that shows up late the other day also presents his assignment, which his assignment turns out to be inappropriate and Paula ends up having a talk to that student which leads to them making out.