The Art of the Sucker Punch


Air date:
May 10, 1999
Written by
Directed by
Brendon Small, Loren Bouchard, H. Jon Benjamin, Paula Poundstone & Melissa Bardin Galsky

Plot Edit

After learning that the local bully, Shannon, has been harassing and beating up Jason, Brendon decides to challenge him to a brawl, despite the fact that he does not know how to fight. He trains himself to the best of his ability and documents it all on camera. After training for a few days, the fight commences and Brendon is knocked down in three punches. Despite this, Brendon, Jason, and Melissa are invited to Shannon's birthday party, where they sympathize with the bully after he tells them a lie that no one showed up. He then humiliates them, revealing that all the guests are simply hiding and laughing at them, and Brendon retaliates by stealing his lawn gnome.



  • Brendon Small - Creator/Voice Actor/Writer
  • Loren Bouchard - Creator/Executive Producer/Director/Writer
  • Bonnie Burns - Executive Producer
  • Mary Catherine Tucker - Executive Producer
  • Tom Snyder - Executive Producer
  • H. Jon Benjamin - Voice Actor/Writer
  • Paula Poundstone - Voice Actor/Writer
  • Melissa Bardin Galsky - Voice Actor/Writer
  • Emo Philips - Voice Actor/Additional Writer
  • Holly Schlesinger - Additional Writer
  • Chris Georgenes - Character and Visual Designer/Art Director
  • André Lyman - Character and Visual Designer
  • Kim O'Neil - Character and Visual Designer

References, Notes & TriviaEdit

  • This episode is one of “The UPN 5”. Therefore, it has Paula Poundstone as Paula and is 100% retroscripted.
  • This episode marks the first guest voice, with Emo Philips as Shannon. Also, this episode introduces the Shannon character, who will appear twice more throughout the series.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Walter and Perry.
  • The story of this episode is based on a run in with a bully that really happened to Loren Bouchard.
  • In their first appearance, Walter and Perry have reversed identities.
  • While practicing, Brendon's shirt has the word "Shannon" with an x through it.
  • Brendon predicts the fight will be over after three punches. Shannon grabs Brendon, knees him the face, and puts him in the Tasmanian foot-lock. He was right.
  • People at Shannon’s party include Walter and Perry, Jeremy, Shannon’s friend, Dwayne, Loni (Episode 105 – We’ll Always Have Tuesday), The Babysitter (Episode 102 – I Don’t Do Well In Parent Teacher Conferences)·
  • At the party, Jason asks if the mini-keishas have cheese, because he can’t eat cheese. We first learned this during the “Dark Side of the Law II” trailer in 101 – Get Away From My Mom. Jason eats them anyway.

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This episode was released on the season one DVD set on November 16, 2004.